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UK hospitals

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It comes as hospitals struggle to cope with rising cases of flu, and norovirus levels which are 75 per cent higher than last year. More than four in ten NHS trusts have declared a major alert this month, amid warnings of the worst winter pressures in history. Nurses said they were working in desperately unsafe circumstances, with one saying she felt sick to the stomach at the risks being posed. The number of days patients are spending in hospitals due to so-called ‘bed blocking’ has risen 42 per cent Credit: PA The analysis by Health Service Journal tracked NHS data from 2014/15 to 2016/17. In total, 214 of 224 acute hospitals failed to fully fill their day shifts last October- a rate of 96 per cent – while while 190 (85 per cent) were understaffed at night. Both figures are the worst since tracking began in 2014. Nurses said they were being reduced to tears regularly, with one describing an overwhelming feeling of sadness at failing to deliver the care patients deserved. One working in the south west of England said: “The most patients I have ever had is 16 on a night shift, I know for a fact that Thanks for this I did not do all the observations and can only hope that I did not cause anyone any real harm.” Another said: “Corners are cut and safety is compromised daily, we just do a really good job of covering it up. An incident report disclosed one nurse left looking after 24 patients during 2015. The short-staffing left patients without care and medication, as unhappy relatives pleaded for help. NHS England has warned thehealth system is under strain Credit: Lynne Cameron/PA Wire One of Englands most senior nurses said the pressures the NHS was under were the worst she had ever experienced.

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