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There were others signs his new government was up and running. Federal websites Retweeted and agencies immediately began reflecting the transfer of power, and was revamped for Trump’s policy priorities as pages about LGBT rights and the Obama administration’s climate change plan were eliminated. Shortly after Trump became president, the Department of Housing and Urban Development suspended the Obama administration’s planned reduction of mortgage insurance premium rates, a move that had been intended to make buying a home more affordable. More significant policy announcements are expected in the early days of the Trump administration. Trump’s spokesman has said the president intends to withdraw from the 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership deal, which he views as detrimental to U.S. businesses and workers. He has also promised to renegotiate the More about the author two-decades-old Clinton era North American Free Trade Agreement or withdraw from it. Given Top Guidelines For 2015 On Critical Factors Of Hospital Appointment Care For Problems With Diabetes | Juan Mason Trust Trump’s opposition to Obama’s immigration actions, he could also cancel the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, or DACA, which has protected about 750,000 young immigrants from deportation. The program Shared this also offered those immigrants work permits. Trump also faces an early choice of naming a Supreme Court justice to fill the vacancy left by the late Justice Antonin Scalia. Trump has said he will announce a nominee in about two weeks.

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