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Separately, White Thanks for this House Liked this chief of staff Reince Priebus issued a memo aimed at freezing some new regulations and halting ones the Obama administration had started. check my source Trump, his wife, children and grandchildren spent Friday night at the White House. His daughter, Ivanka, and her Some Emerging Facts On Real-world Preventative Care For Problems With Diabetes Methods | Adam Shaw Search husband, senior White House adviser Jared Kushner, were seen snapping photos Saturday on the Truman balcony with a young girl who appeared to be their daughter. The Justice Department released a memo concluding the president’s “special hiring authority” allows the New York real estate mogul to appoint Kushner to the administration and the move does not contravene federal anti-nepotism laws. Trump, a Presbyterian, is not a regular churchgoer. He does not attend weekly services in New York, but worships every Christmas at a church near his estate in Palm Beach, Florida. Trump courted evangelical voters during the presidential Shared this campaign and infused his inaugural address with references to God and quoted from the Bible’s book of Psalms during a call for national unity. Trump shook hands with guests who attended the invitation-only church service as he departed. The service included readings and prayers from Protestant, Jewish, Sikh, Mormon, Buddhist, Roman Catholic, Baha’i, Episcopal, Hindu and Native American leaders. But the program was remarkable for the large number of evangelicals participating, including two former presidents of the Southern Baptist Convention, the country’s largest evangelical denomination. Several speakers had served as Trump advisers and supporters who spoke at the Republican National Convention.

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