A Simple Breakdown Of Astute Solutions In Uk Medicine

UK medicine

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Many infants didn’t actually have colic and some parents did not want to participate. The babies were randomly assigned to receive one of two types of acupuncture or usual care, which included regular wellness visits. “In children, fewer needles are used, and the stimulation of the needles is mild and short compared to treating adults,” said Landgren. “In other trials, laser-acupuncture and acupressure have been used in babies.” Overall, 147 babies completed the two-week trial. The researchers say babies receiving acupuncture improved more on measures of crying than those who got usual care. For example, babies getting acupuncture spent 40 percent less time crying from their first visit to their last, compared to a 20 percent difference among babies who received usual care. Infants who received acupuncture were also less likely to meet the criteria for colic after a week or two of the intervention, the study found. The infants collectively received 388 acupuncture sessions. Babies cried during 188 of those sessions, and the people delivering the acupuncture reported seeing a single drop of blood 15 times.

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